“This writer rocks the Casbah so hard she should go back in time and sue the late Joe Strummer.”
-Matthew, SexIs Magazine

“Sarah has worked on a couple projects for us and I am so impressed by her precision, conscientiousness, and flexibility—three hard-to-find qualities in freelance copyeditors. I work with a lot of freelancers and it’s rare to find that much-desired combination and balance of competence, initiative, and attention to the project’s perimeters. She’s also communicative, thoughtful, super-easy to work with, and most important, makes my job a notch less stressful knowing we have her sharp eyes on a project. She’s a keeper!”
-Dao Tran, Haymarket Books

“It is not often that an editor needs editorial advice. I did, and needed it urgently. I contacted Sarah Grey. She read with care and sensitivity, made suggestions that were perceptive and helped improve the text, and responded quickly. She has an ear for style, an eye for substance, and a courteous and professional manner that make it a pleasure to work with her.”
-Firuza Pastakia, editor, Karachi, Pakistan

“Sarah has really delivered for us! She gets the voice of our message and has been great to work with.”
-Fiona Bryan, The Bryan Group

“We have consistently used Ms. Grey as a freelance editor, specifically for marketing material. The services she has provided were always completed promptly and with utmost professionalism. She has always been quick to answer any questions we have had, and consistently provided useful input for any of our written material. In short, Ms. Grey has always exceeded our expectations with every project we have given her. We have established a wonderful working relationship with Ms. Grey and look forward to continuing to use her services in the future. The Translation Department of the Nationalities Service Center would highly recommend Ms. Grey to any other organization in need of writing or editing services.”
-Juan Lara, Director of Translation and Interpretation Services, Nationalities Service Center

“I’ve worked with Sarah in her role as a project manager in both translation and copyediting assignments (at CETRA and at HRDQ). She was a pleasure to work with—professional, personable, knowledgeable, attentive—hands-on but with a light touch. She is not phased by the unexpected and does not shy away from hard decisions. Sarah understands the needs of her clients and the needs of the freelancers she manages, and she establishes an atmosphere of respect and cooperation among project participants. I recommend Sarah for her linguistic knowledge, her high standards, and her honest dealing.”
Paula Gordon, translator and copyeditor, Wilmington, DE

“She seamlessly handles large projects involving numerous documents and numerous vendors by fostering communication and cooperation. Her strengths are organization, accessibility, and competence. She is a joy to work with.”
-Zach Gehret, Translator/Interpreter

“In my more than 10-year career as an editor, I’d have to say that Sarah is and one of my all-time favorite freelance copy editors/proofreaders. She is the ultimate professional: communicative, conscientious, detail-oriented, and FAST. I have grown to rely on Sarah because I know that when she looks at something, she’ll pick it clean of errors, typos, and anything unsavory. And the fact that she is a fabulous person who is pleasant to work with is just the icing on top. The only hesitancy I have in recommending her as highly as I do is my concern that she’ll be all booked for my next project! Ack!”
-Diana von Glahn, Developmental Editor, HRDQ

“Sarah did not disappoint! It was easy to schedule a time to meet up face-to-face. She is incredibly warm and friendly and knowledgeable in her field. The turn around was super quick–she was easily accessible for any revisions and questions I had. I have already and I will continue to recommend her writing and editing services to my friends and colleagues!”
-Sarah Mueller, photojournalist, Philadelphia, PA

“I have worked with a few editors and Sarah is by far the top. She is dependable, honest and fast. Three things I like most about her work: she shows genuine interest on any given topic, she will pick up the smallest details and mistakes and she is flexible with time and is willing to work around any schedule. Never late. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants detailed review and editing of their work. ”
-Andi, doctoral student, UK

“Sarah is an exceptional writer and an extremely knowledgeable individual.”
-Michele Bantz, Spanish-English translator, Houston, TX

Sarah is a talented and creative writer, an effective project manager and a self-motivated person. To top it off she is amiable and easy to work with. I look forward to working with Sarah on future projects.”
-Karen Flam, Instructional Designer, Philadelphia, PA


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