Precision, professionalism, and polish

Does your writing need work? Let Grey Editing LLC offer you a smart solution.

Whether you’re creating a mouth-watering menu, writing a book, starting a new business venture, or researching your dissertation, we offer customized language services to help you craft a message that will be heard.  Our philosophy is that your voice should shine through in all of your communications.

Copywriting. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll bring your ideas to life. Websites, advertising, brochures, business communications, newsletters, and, yes, menus are some of the services we offer.

Developmental editing. You’ve got a great concept, but how can you put your manuscript into a format that works? We can help you to structure your ideas and turn your great concept into a great book.

Copy editing. You’ve written that article, but it’s not where you want it to be. We can help. With our comprehensive editing service, we’ll go line by line and word by word to perfect the style, grammar, and flow of your writing. We can also help you fit your writing to a specific style. We specialize in Chicago, APA, and AMA.

Proofreading. You want people to focus on your message– not on that glaring typo.  We’ll clear the typos, mistakes, and misplaced commas out of the way so that your voice and your message will be the only things your readers notice.

Coaching. Maybe you’ve just been promoted and need to improve your business writing skills. Maybe you’re an international student who wants to improve her English writing. We offer face-to-face consultations in the Philadelphia area as well as online consultations for writers around the globe. All skill levels are welcome!

Resume consulting. In a tough job market, an unprofessional resume can cost you an interview. Let us help. We’ll craft you a resume that reflects your best self and is appropriate for the position you want.

Indexing. We can create an intuitive, easy-to-use index for your book that invites readers in and offers them the information they need quickly.

Layout. Our partnerships with talented graphic designers allow us to offer layout services, whether you’re typesetting a book or creating a brochure for new clients.

We offer competitive rates and quick turnaround. If you’re looking for other services, or aren’t quite sure what you need, contact us at or (267) 971-7654 and tell us what your goals are. We can help you find an affordable, intelligent solution.

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